• Brilliant minds, working with unshakable zeal & unbeatable diligence for the progress of Brand SOMAYAJI

    SOMAYAJI Group is managed by a team of experts from IT, Banking, Payments, RBI, IDRBT etc., who bring years of experience with best of Organisations and are familiar with the domains and challenges, inside and out. The strength of the leadership team includes deep understanding of Banking domain and core skills in Payments and Settlements domain.

Krishna Somayaji 

chairman  &  managing  director 

Usually, people are blessed with a specific interest, a specific type of natural skill, along with the chosen field of education and work experience; but often, these four aspects don’t prove to be wholly purposeful and objective-based; an uncertain imbalance occurs in one aspect or the other. But in Krishna’s case, all four aspects are in a harmoniously balanced form, and all are being utilised to their fullest in all walks of his life. This balance has been well-planned by Krishna and it has been bringing him coveted accomplishments.

Krishna’s situational competence reflects in his experience throughout his life’s journey, and he can offer the best solution for almost any kind of issue with the analytical skills he has. People, who work with Krishna respect and equally adore him for his sensitivity, responsiveness, perseverance, humility, and integrity, which he reflects toward people. He can adapt to any situation and learn the deeper layers through his inquisitive nature. His Group is blossoming with success due to his exceptional leadership qualities and interpersonal skills that fill both ends with optimism and helps build a good professional relationship.

Krishna is a continuous learner and an eternal seeker; his quest for knowledge never ends. He has comprehensive clarity over his interests and abilities, which has led him to acquire knowledge that’s purely based on fulfilling the desired objectives and building a concrete base of Knowledge, applicable to the challenges of the given field

For the purpose of technological advancement, right after Graduation, Krishna pursued the PG Program in Computer Programming and System Analysis from Walchand College of Engineering, where he succeeded with second rank in the University. Subsequently, he opted for the MBA course from CIMDR to pursue management, which again helped in constructing the required knowledge. After gaining requisite Management experience, Krishna went forward with the Advanced Program in Strategic Management from IIM, Calcutta for the further refinement of his strategic thinking abilities.

Post completion of multiple Branding and Film Projects with the utilisation of his innate creativity, Krishna was aspired to enrich his pre-existing creativity to higher dimensions; which led him to complete a professional Filmmaking Program at the very renowned New York Film Academy which has efficiently transformed his vision and polished his calibre in the area of Filmmaking.

Evidently, Krishna is filling the pot of his brain with the right kind of seeds that grow to give the desired fruits.

The boundless passion Krishna carries for his work has been continuously facilitated by his inherent natural skills coupled with his education that brings relevance to each and every experience he speaks of in last 25+ years

Before founding SOMAYAJI Group, Krishna was entrusted with leadership roles in HCL, HMA STARware, Datapro Information Technology etc., and has been responsible for building very high value turnover for these Organisations. He has numerous successes working with clients to close complex multi-million dollar solutions Globally.

In order to grow further and touch new heights, Krishna brought SOMAYAJI Group into life in the year 2013. The Group is a concrete manifestation of Krishna’s Ideas, Knowledge, and Creativity. It has been growing in various dimensions of Technology, Branding and Consulting and all 3 verticals work hand-in-glove to help clients in achieving perfect Digital and Branding Transformation. The standard of SOMAYAJI Group keeps rising, as it invites the best of clients globally.

Krishna makes sure to offer a complete Technology and Brand framework to the entire process of any organisation and remodel the same with trending innovation with the help of in-depth analysis.  

Krishna desires to take this success to the level of infinity and win many more experiences and opportunities. His work-oriented life doesn’t deplete the kindness and compassion he has for the society he belongs to. He shows significant interest in taking part in activities for Social Welfare and Prosperity and also contributes to the same through SOMAYAJI Foundation.

Krishna is a strong follower of spirituality and a firm believer of Dharma and wants to dedicate himself to spread and protect the same!

1000 + Large & Complex Projects

25 Years Experience

30 + Awards