• Brilliant minds, working with unshakable zeal & unbeatable diligence for the progress of Brand SOMAYAJI

    SOMAYAJI Group is managed by a team of experts from IT, Banking, Payments, RBI, IDRBT etc., who bring years of experience with best of Organisations and are familiar with the domains and challenges, inside and out. The strength of the leadership team includes deep understanding of Banking domain and core skills in Payments and Settlements domain.

Subhadra  Murthy

EncouragerPillar of StrengthFountain of Love and Inspiration to the SOMAYAJI Group!

Like every other Indian woman she did what she was told to build a family on trust and love and she went on to become an extraordinary seed of inspiration to the creation of the SOMAYAJI Group. She as described by her family and very close friends is ” a well spring of generosity and love”. She may not be qualified in the worldly sense of Certificate courses, though married to a notable Writer and a Professor but is educated to be the rock solid foundation of the group.

A strong woman won’t let anyone get the best of her…but a Woman of Strength gives the best of her to everyone – Unknown

Krishna  Somayaji 

managing  director 

Before founding SOMAYAJI Group, Krishna held leadership roles in HCL, HMA STARware, Datapro Information Technology etc., and has been responsible for building very high value turnover for these Organisations and has numerous successes working with clients to close complex multi-million dollar solutions Globally.

SOMAYAJI Group that was bootstrapped by Krishna in 2013 is now a versatile Enterprise offering wide spectrum of services across Domains. 

With over 25 years of Global IT Leadership experience, Krishna brings an exemplary track record of success, working with best of clients globally. As an MD of all Business units of SOMAYAJI Group , Krishna  takes the complete responsibility of Business Development,  Strategy, Alliances and New initiatives in the Technology, Infrastructure and Branding space apart from monitoring the entire operations of the Business Units on day to day basis.  

Under the leadership of Krishna, the Group is consistently growing at a rate of 25-30% year on year and expanding base and network not only in India but also across the globe, growing  organically with localised service and Help Desk and employee strength and talent. 

Krishna's invincible determination & passion has led him to where he today is.

He aspires to partake in building a better future, for which he owns a team that heads to fetch bigger accomplishments as well as client satisfaction. Krishna's willingness to adorn tomorrow with gems of bigger opportunities is unbeatable. If success brings smile, Krishna desires to bring that smile on everyone's face who's associated with him.

Krishna holds an MBA from CIMDR, Advanced Program in Strategic Management from IIM, Calcutta and PG Program in Computer Programming and System Analysis from Walchand College of Engineering with University II rank. 

1000 + Large & Complex Projects

25 Years Experience

30 + Awards