• Brilliant minds, working with unshakable zeal & unbeatable diligence for the progress of Brand SOMAYAJI

    SOMAYAJI Group is managed by a team of experts from IT, Banking, Payments, RBI, IDRBT etc., who bring years of experience with best of Organisations and are familiar with the domains and challenges, inside and out. The strength of the leadership team includes deep understanding of Banking domain and core skills in Payments and Settlements domain.

Krishna Somayaji 

chairman  &  managing  director 

Usually, people are blessed with a specific interest, a specific type of natural skill, along with the chosen field of education and work experience; but often, these four aspects don’t prove to be wholly purposeful and objective-based; an uncertain imbalance occurs in one aspect or the other. But in Krishna’s case, all four aspects are in a harmoniously balanced form, and all are being utilised to their fullest in all walks of his life. This balance has been well-planned by Krishna and it has been bringing him coveted accomplishments.

Krishna’s situational competence reflects in his experience throughout his life’s journey, and he can offer the best solution for almost any kind of issue with the analytical skills he has. People, who work with Krishna respect and equally adore him for his sensitivity, responsiveness, perseverance, humility, and integrity, which he reflects toward people. He can adapt to any situation and learn the deeper layers through his inquisitive nature. His Group is blossoming with success due to his exceptional leadership qualities and interpersonal skills that fill both ends with optimism and helps build a good professional relationship.

Krishna is a continuous learner and an eternal seeker; his quest for knowledge never ends. He has comprehensive clarity over his interests and abilities, which has led him to acquire knowledge that’s purely based on fulfilling the desired objectives and building a concrete base of Knowledge, applicable to the challenges of the given field

For the purpose of technological advancement, right after Graduation, Krishna pursued the PG Program in Computer Programming and System Analysis from Walchand College of Engineering, where he succeeded with second rank in the University. Subsequently, he opted for the MBA course from CIMDR to pursue management, which again helped in constructing the required knowledge. After gaining requisite Management experience, Krishna went forward with the Advanced Program in Strategic Management from IIM, Calcutta for the further refinement of his strategic thinking abilities.

Post completion of multiple Branding and Film Projects with the utilisation of his innate creativity, Krishna was aspired to enrich his pre-existing creativity to higher dimensions; which led him to complete a professional Filmmaking Program at the very renowned New York Film Academy which has efficiently transformed his vision and polished his calibre in the area of Filmmaking.

Evidently, Krishna is filling the pot of his brain with the right kind of seeds that grow to give the desired fruits.

The boundless passion Krishna carries for his work has been continuously facilitated by his inherent natural skills coupled with his education that brings relevance to each and every experience he speaks of in last 25+ years

Before founding SOMAYAJI Group, Krishna was entrusted with leadership roles in HCL, HMA STARware, Datapro Information Technology etc., and has been responsible for building very high value turnover for these Organisations. He has numerous successes working with clients to close complex multi-million dollar solutions Globally.

In order to grow further and touch new heights, Krishna brought SOMAYAJI Group into life in the year 2013. The Group is a concrete manifestation of Krishna’s Ideas, Knowledge, and Creativity. It has been growing in various dimensions of Technology, Branding and Consulting and all 3 verticals work hand-in-glove to help clients in achieving perfect Digital and Branding Transformation. The standard of SOMAYAJI Group keeps rising, as it invites the best of clients globally.

Krishna makes sure to offer a complete Technology and Brand framework to the entire process of any organisation and remodel the same with trending innovation with the help of in-depth analysis.  

Krishna desires to take this success to the level of infinity and win many more experiences and opportunities. His work-oriented life doesn’t deplete the kindness and compassion he has for the society he belongs to. He shows significant interest in taking part in activities for Social Welfare and Prosperity and also contributes to the same through SOMAYAJI Foundation.

Krishna is a strong follower of spirituality and a firm believer of Dharma and wants to dedicate himself to spread and protect the same!

1000 + Large & Complex Projects

25 Years Experience

30 + Awards

Chandrakala MP - Chief of operations

Chandrakala, a highly accomplished scholar with a Master's degree in Business Management specializing in Finance, has consistently demonstrated excellence both in academia and her professional endeavors.

Her impressive journey began in the financial domain, holding senior positions across various organizations before joining SOMAYAJI in 2018. Starting as a Finance Manager, she rapidly climbed the corporate ladder to her current role as Chief of Operations. Chandrakala's contributions to SOMAYAJI extend far beyond finance, encompassing overall operations and management of the company.

Under her adept leadership, SOMAYAJI has undergone significant transformation, addressing operational gaps, implementing efficient processes, and driving substantial growth. With a career spanning over 12 years, including more than five dedicated to SOMAYAJI, she has consistently proven her dependability and risen through the ranks.

Chandrakala's skills and expertise are multifaceted, prominently featuring strong leadership qualities. She is recognized for her integrity, balance, consistency, and dependability, showcasing the power of women in leadership roles. Her proficiency extends beyond finance to overall operations, making her a valuable asset to the company.

Her exceptional work and consistent performance have earned Chandrakala multiple internal accolades and the admiration of her colleagues at SOMAYAJI.

Looking to the future, Chandrakala envisions SOMAYAJI as a prominent player in the global IT industry. She is committed to establishing the company as a respected provider of cutting-edge products and technologies, expanding its client base, and fostering a more system-oriented approach. Her ultimate aspiration is to make a lasting impact on the global IT landscape.

Passion: Reading books, particularly social novels, which fuel her intellectual curiosity and broaden her perspectives.

Naveen M - 

Naveen, a distinguished alumnus with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science, has consistently excelled throughout his academic journey, setting the stage for his impressive professional career.

Joining SOMAYAJI Group six years ago, Naveen made his foray into the professional sphere and quickly showcased his leadership abilities and deep understanding of complex systems. Within a span of six years, he ascended from an implementation engineer to a director, undertaking successful implementations of intricate Core banking, Digital Banking, and Core Lending Projects for various banks and non-banking finance companies. His prowess in development, implementation, and support has earned him recognition and acclaim.

Currently serving as a Director and Technical Architect, Naveen oversees large-scale project implementations and support while spearheading the creation of innovative products tailored for the Banking and Financial services sector, utilizing cutting-edge technology.


Beyond his professional expertise, Naveen is an avid movie enthusiast, particularly drawn to action films. He also contributes to newspapers by writing articles on social issues, earning him multiple awards. Additionally, he regularly immerses himself in motivational and moral stories through reading.

Throughout his career, Naveen has been honored with numerous awards at SOMAYAJI for his outstanding contributions to timely project completion. Clients have also applauded his dedication and expertise.

Looking to the future, Naveen envisions a robust product portfolio infused with the latest technology and meeting global standards. His goal is to continuously enhance SOMAYAJI's offerings, surpassing international benchmarks and driving the company's growth and advancement within the industry.

Rajeswari Devi - Sr. Manager Client Acquisition Group

Rajeswari Devi, an electronic engineering graduate, has been a commendable member of our team for the past seven years. Beginning her journey as a customer support executive, her consistent excellence in every role assigned to her has made her a reliable pillar of our company.

Rajeswari's adaptability has been a significant asset, allowing her to transition seamlessly into pre-sales. She dove into learning about new technologies, actively participated in presentations, and facilitated client engagements - thus proving her mettle in pre-sales, client relationship management, and project management. Her versatility, particularly in support and pre-sales, has brought many clients to our company and ensured successful project completions.

This being her first job, Rajeshwari has adeptly climbed the corporate ladder over the past seven years. Her deep understanding of our products and keen knowledge of the banking and financial services domain, both from a technological and domain perspective, has earned her recognition both within and outside our organization.

Among her key skills are quick learning, loyalty, and dependability. She consistently exceeds targets and has brought immense value to our organization. This has earned her multiple internal awards and promotions. Rajeshwari is a continuous learner and even plans to pursue post-graduation in engineering while working.

On a personal note, Rajeshwari has a passion for string instruments, especially the guitar. Despite her current time constraints, she aims to learn and master the guitar soon. This reflects her continuous desire to grow and excel in every aspect of life.

Rajeswari M - Sr. Manager Client Acquisition Group

Over the past seven years, Rajeswari, with her Post Graduate degree in Computer Science, has shown an exceptional career trajectory at SOMAYAJI. After a brief tenure at another firm, she joined our team and rapidly moved up the ranks due to her diligent work in client support and pre-sales.

Rajeswari's inventive approach, unwavering commitment, remarkable client relationship acumen, and superior communication skills have all contributed to her success in each role she has assumed. As the current Head of Pre-Sales, she maintains strong ties with our clientele and focuses on business expansion. Her critical role in securing new clients and spearheading pre-sales and sales initiatives can't be overstated.

She is prepared to shoulder additional duties in the future, incorporating technology support alongside her ongoing pre-sales responsibilities.

Rajeswari's reliability, integrity, and aptitude for rapid learning have significantly enriched our company over the years. Displaying her remarkable balancing skills, she manages her professional duties alongside her personal life with a young daughter at home. She is the embodiment of the belief that women can excel in any field, striking a perfect balance between a rewarding career and a satisfying personal life.

While her global travel aspirations are currently curtailed due to her young child, Rajeswari relishes any chance to interact directly with clients, thereby strengthening her sales and support capabilities. She views these opportunities as doorways to career growth within SOMAYAJI.

Always eager to improve her skills, she is currently exploring further studies while maintaining her role at SOMAYAJI. The company encourages such pursuits, recognizing that continuous learning benefits both organizational and personal development.

Ganesh Ch- Head Of Support

Ganesh is a key member of the SOMAYAJI management team and serves as the Head of Support. Renowned for his calm demeanor, immense patience, and problem-solving expertise, he brings a wealth of experience to our organization.

With a solid academic background in Computer Science and extensive experience in various technology companies, Ganesh has been instrumental in successfully managing large and complex core banking and digital banking projects. His attention to detail and technical precision have earned him a solid reputation within the industry.

In his current role, Ganesh oversees the development of our cutting-edge products and ensures the seamless implementation of third-party solutions for our esteemed clients. His dedication, exceptional interpersonal skills, and leadership abilities have not only earned him the admiration of our team but have also garnered high praise from our clients.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Ganesh is a sports enthusiast with a particular love for tennis and cricket. He also enjoys immersing himself in the world of movies, with a special interest in thrillers and comedies.


As a member of the SOMAYAJI management team, Ganesh plays a vital role in driving our company's success and delivering exceptional solutions to our clients. His expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence are instrumental in shaping our organization's growth and reputation.

Get in touch with Ganesh and our team to discover how SOMAYAJI can provide you with cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled support for your technological needs.