The epithet SOMAYAJI [SOMA-YAJI] is a title assigned to or achieved by a person performed the Vedic ritual of SOMAYAGJNA / SOMAYAGA / SOMAYAGAM. Hence the descendants of the actual SOMAYAJI are blessed souls who inherit the precious and prestigious heirloom without really having to perform the SOMAYAGJNA.

YAGJNAs / YAGAs are performed as an act of worship to the God thanking them for their grace and kindness. They are invoked to help the wellbeing of the self and planet at large.

SOMAYAJI is an educand in pursuit of excellence with the Bhavana or urge which arises in the prospective sacrificer who performed certain yagjna for a given purpose to obtain the phala /result.

A SOMAYAJI has the qualities of a leader and an organizer initiating action with pioneering spirit, equipped to lead with an independent, creative, universal and selfless humanitarian outlook.

History offers host of SOMAYAJIs. To quote a couple among them;