Business Lead

Amod Vilas Bidnurkar 


"I am working with SOMAYAJI Technolabs for the last 3 years while my association with Mr Krishna Somayaji is for last 13 years. After completion of my academic qualification, I entered into the Corporate world under the guidance of Mr Krishna & with him as a mentor I have learnt many things & proficiently became eligible to build a relatively strong platform for my career, which has been helping me till now & will hopefully help me throughout my life to deal with any type of situation, be it best or worst & vice versa very readily.


Mr Krishna has utilized his tremendous Entrepreneurial Skills & as a result of which SOMAYAJI  TechnoLabs became one of the fastest-growing Technolgoy Services firms within the time period of 6 years since its establishment. SOMAYAJI finds people with varied skills which builds a strong team which efficiently handles Projects of any scale. Once, the client approaches SOMAYAJI, it becomes a life long association with the organization & because of this strength the Company has earned the milestone of 100+ clients from many Industry Segments. I feel this is the greatest achievement accomplished within the shortest of time frame.

I feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful team with strong management."

Email - amod@somayaji-group.com 

Project Lead

Ramavarapu Manikumar

My journey of six years with SOMAYAJI is not less than a thrilling voyage to me.


Reminiscing my first day at SOMAYAJI, my mind was filled with aspirations to do something significant and bring a good change in society & flourish the Company as well as my own Career. Unlike any mundane Corporate job, SOMAYAJI, with all the confidence, gives me the opportunity for the implementation of my fresh innovative ideas, to take new challenges for promising outcomes & to learn something new. SOMAYAJI never loses its trust in my calibre over a single mistake. It always offers me the courage to fight back & emerge again as the winner.


I feel honoured & fortunate for being a part of SOMAYAJI.


Right from my initial role as Assistant Manager - Client Support, to receiving multiple vital responsibilities, my journey has been adorned with absolute proficiency & delectation.


Opportunities to work with diverse people on a variety of projects for Core Banking & implementation services with different Small Medium Banks has been challenging yet exciting in my experience. The Company has given me plenty of the moments to grow on Technical as well as Management front by providing offsite and onsite opportunities. 


The six year-long journey has led me to what I have always thrived for i.e GROWTH. I challenged myself every day to give the best to my clients. This is what SOMAYAJI was formed for. 


SOMAYAJI has given me a big family full of friendly people. Working with them, more than a workplace, it feels like my second home to me. SOMAYAJI finds suitable individuals & motivates them to glorify their exceptional personalities on their roles in the Company, while the other companies mostly hire people just to fill up their empty chairs.


We, all the individuals filled with high Values, pull Strength from one another to reach our goals, and this is the reason why SOMAYAJI prevails being magnificent.

Email - r.manikumar@somayaji-group.com

Sr. Manager - Finance & Accounts

Chandrakala M P

"My journey with SOMAYAJI began on 21st March 2018 & this is the second job of my career. I had joined as a "Manager – Finance & Accounts". Within a time period of six months, I got promoted as "Sr. Manager- Finance & Accounts". 

Working for SOMAYAJI has been a wonderful experience within my ten years of experience.

SOMAYAJI Technolabs India Private Limited is a great organisation to work for which offers flexibility in job roles to its employees. The Organisation culture encouraged and supported me to enhance my knowledge. It feels great to be a part of this organisation"

Email - chandrakala@somayaji-group.com

EA to MD

Rajeswari Devi Maturi

"SOMAYAJI offered me the first opportunity to walk into my career as it's my first job which I had joined at the age of eighteen with no experience about technology. My journey of learning new things began since the first day I joined this company. Our MD, Mr Krishna Somayaji helped us to refine our skills by providing us with proper training at Bangalore twice or thrice.


Beginning as a Project project consultant to obtaining multiple promotions, I got designated as "Assistant Manager Client Support" and then "Manager Client Support".


With perspicuous elucidation & incredible guidance of our MD, it becomes possible for us to vanquish any complication. The familiar environment of the company is truly joyful. We are treated as pillars of the company who support each other to keep the company stand strong.


my velocity of confidence got enhanced when I got the chance to travel Mumbai alone for some official work. In spite of all the insecurities, this journey enlightened to me my abilities that remained unnoticed since long. This trip helped me reflect positivity around.


BRAND SOMAYAJI finds wonderful ways to encourage its employees as it encouraged me by giving me the "Best Employee Award". I felt motivated & ecstatic at the same moment.


Till now I have discovered many things & the zeal to learn more evolves day by day. SOMAYAJI provides consecutive training for every new element & facilitates us to gain more proficiency.

It's amazing to be working at SOMAYAJI !"

Email - rajeswari.devi@somayaji-group.com

Manager Client Support

Rajeswari M

It's been almost 4 years since I started working at SOMAYAJI. Within this period of time, my role jumped from "Project Consultant" to "Manager Client Support". I am grateful for the support I have received from our MD. There's a lot I have learnt from him and there's a lot I'm yet to learn. His family-like treatment towards the employees is really appreciable.


We bestow our consistent diligence for the growth of the Company. It flourishes the career potential and entrusts the significant roles to the top performers who willingly enter the company. SOMAYAJI keeps its doors wide open for the ones who aspire to bring victory.


Joining this company has been extremely beneficial to my career. It's my pleasure to be thriving for remarkable achievements & to be a valued member of it.

Email - rajeswari@somayaji-group.com

Manager - Client Support

Ganesh CH

SOMAYAJI has given me a broad range of opportunities to work for. With every opportunity or challenge, I strived to come up with betterment. Every challenge gifts me more knowledge, refined talent, improved skills & boosted up confidence. Working at SOMAYAJI is inevitably cheerful. Management as well as the colleagues, everyone is supportive of one another. SOMAYAJI truly cares for its employees' happiness.


My experience with SOMAYAJI has been extremely good as I've got to work with many great people. It bestows good amount of opportunities for the advancement of one's career. Ideas & suggestions are invariably valued here. SOMAYAJI not only benefits our career but also looks forward to offering us more proficiency under much additional training.


My respect & fondness for SOMAYAJI seems to be magnified day by day.

Email - ganesh@somayaji-group.com

Sr. Project Consultant

Naveen M

"True Success, True Happiness in Freedom & Fulfillment". SOMAYAJI has always facilitated me to try out my proficiency in different domains. Within the period of three years working at SOMAYAJI, l have been given new responsibilities that were beyond my job role. I take these responsibilities as opportunities to improve myself. My experience at SOMAYAJI is indeed enriching with lots of learning. SOMAYAJI has not only enhanced my professional abilities but also has brought a remarkably positive impact on me personally. Our MD Mr Krishna Somayaji, as well as my teammates, have been guiding & supporting me since the day I joined this company. With all the transparency, the company remains proactive with a healthy friendly environment.


SOMAYAJI encourages us to participate in every facet for the advancement of the organisation under a great work culture. I'm extremely delighted & proud of being a part of this growing organization.

Email - naveen@somayaji-group.com

Client Relationship Manager

Akankshya Manjari Tripathy

The huge wall of long-distance between my home & the office never stopped me from working for SOMAYAJI. The Company provided me with the required infrastructure to build a comfortable workspace at my home itself. Not only I but many of my other teammates are provided with the desired facilities which enable us to work with more efficiency. 


Insecurity & uneasiness leapt inside my head when I decided to switch the company where I worked for more than four years. But the people working at SOMAYAJI made it easy for me to cope with the new Job & with the new Role. Within a few whiles, I found myself comfortable in the new environment around such welcoming people. 


Our MD is a self-motivated person who illuminates the power of positive motivation towards us & it undeniably pushes us to walk the extra mile & crack the deal. 


It's my pleasure to be working for a company that understands & values its employees.

Email - akankshya@somayaji-group.com

Project Consultant

Phaneendra M

I joined SOMAYAJI Technolabs in the year 4 years ago as the 'Project Consultant'. This is my second job & the journey at SOMAYAJI has enriched my knowledge to a great extent. In addition to the growing knowledge, I've lived a joyful environment at SOMAYAJI. I was clueless about the Banking sector before joining this company. But our MD guided me throughout and motivated me a lot to accomplish many goals & giving me aspirations to try out my potential on different elements of work. 


I'm more than happy being a part of SOMAYAJI.

Email - phaneendra@somayaji-group.com

Creative Consultant

Pravallika N

SOMAYAJI Technolabs provides a vast range of opportunities adequate to the skills & caliber of each and every member associated with it. We are treated more like entrepreneurs & less like employees in this company. Working at SOMAYAJI is the best preference for those who strive to demonstrate their own mastery.


SOMAYAJI has given me an enriched experience which enables me to surpass the boundaries & reach the desired goal. My first job role at SOMAYAJI was 'Project Consultant'. My biggest achievement is when I took the first order at SOMAYAJI Ventures as I was encouraged by our MD to work independently on that project. After a short gap, I rejoined SOMAYAJI as 'Creative Consultant ' for their Creative Arm - SOMAYAJI Creatives India Private Limited. My job role switched & my knowledge got enhanced on a different facet. SOMAYAJI has given me enormous opportunities for growth not only on management but also on creative elements.


I'm immensely grateful to this organization for believing in me & letting me prove myself.

Email - pravallika@somayaji-group.com

Project Consultant

Vijay Kumar N

It has been an awesome working experience at SOMAYAJI. It's a great company to work for decent advantages and has broad room for improvements. Lots of opportunities to grow, learn and participate. Great management and a very supportive & friendly environment with good ambiance. 

It is my first job & SOMAYAJI allots me with enormous amount of opportunities to grow in this organization.

#Great Vision # Good Leadership.

Email - vijaykumar@somayaji-group.com

Project Consultant

Lakshmi Niharika CH

SOMAYAJI Technolabs is an organisation which provides equal opportunity to all its employees. It's been quite a good experience working at SOMAYAJI. Our management offers an open and flexible workspace to show our capabilities and there is no pressure from higher officials. We're mostly encouraged by them. Our management is based on team spirit, integration of skills and group work. I have joined SOMAYAJI in the "Help Desk department" which is assigned for support platform our customers. Within one year of working at SOMAYAJI, I have enhanced my proficiency in communication skills, in the way of explanation and in mastery at having patience. I'm extremely delighted to be working at SOMAYAJI.

Email - niharika@somayaji-group.com

Client Support Executive

Sivadevi Sanju K

With the increasing progress of SOMAYAJI, it continues to enhance the proficiency of its employees. I rejoice to work at this company. I have a good working relationship with my co-workers. We work together & solve all the problems. SOMAYAJI lets me fearlessly communicate & explain my ideas with everyone. SOMAYAJI aims to focus more on solutions than on problems & this makes it stand magnificently strong.

Email - sivadevi@somayaji-group.com

Project Consultant


"Joining SOMAYAJI, I have been fascinated to work in this wonderful environment with friendly people. Starting from CEO to leads, and the Project Management team , I find everybody incredible at all aspects of work. Moreover, I admire the independence I experience in exploring new things & refining my technical knowledge."

Email - anitha@somayaji-group.com